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What is JLPT ?

JLPT, the acronym for Japanese Language Proficiency Test (日本語能力試験 Nihongo Nōryoku Shiken) is conducted by Japanese Government all over the world on every first Sunday of July and Dec every year. 

It has Five levels namely N1, N2, N3, N4, N5 respectively. N5 is the most basic and N1 is the most advanced.


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 JLPT is divided into sections of Vocabulary, Reading, Listening and Grammar. The passing score ranges for all the 5 levels. 
 The two main areas for the students to get focus in JLPT are listening and reading. There is a common myth that learning a foreign language is all about learning its vocabulary and it should be covered first. And during the process of study, students focus excessively on Vocabulary only, neglecting the major portion that is listening and reading comprehension.
Here at NIHONKAI, we focus on the correct teaching methodology rather than rote learning. There is a special focus on listening and comprehending long sentences and henceforth learning the vast vocabulary through it. Here at NIHONKAI, proper steps for Listening (Link rehearsal, Tone rehearsal, sentence intonation) and steps for Comprehension (Speed training, sentence framing) are followed. That’s why we have got the best results for the new JLPT since 2010, all over Delhi. We use advanced technological methods (visual through projectors, audio through speakers) and let students learn from the exact native pronunciations as well as helping them get immersed in the Japanese day-to-day life.

effective teaching methodology

The first step to be proficient in Listening (and Speaking) is to start using the language learnt in your classes in daily life. For example, whenever you go out of your room, start speaking about the surroundings in Japanese. Try using the words and phrases learnt in the lessons and the video demonstrations shown during the classes
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